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Groundbreaking Technology

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more effective than other sanitisation technologies
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of viruses and bacteria eliminated in a fraction of a second


Developed in Hong Kong in 2016 and patented worldwide, Plascide technology utilizes an unique active air sanitizing reactor to sustain plasma. 

Plasma generating technology is more commonly associated with the space industry as a revolutionary method to propel space flight for deep space travel, currently employed on a few robotic space probes.

Plascide harnesses this capability to create an innovative and compact technology for the indoor air quality industry.

How Does it work

Within the micro-lightning generator:

  • An intense ionised gas field is generated at room temperature

  • Propels the ions into an energetic state

  • The ionised electrons shatter the biological pathogens and VOCs

Plascide technology creates a micro-lightning plasma thundercloud that eliminates viruses, bacteria and VOCs as well as odour.

Effective air santisiation


Eracidates viruses and other similar pathogens


Destroys airborne bacteria  


Reduces harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Verified and proven

The performance of Plascide micro-lightning plasma technology is validated by well-known laboratory/authority – SGS & Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (PRC). Plascides capability to eliminate pathogens and VOCs has been verified by laboratories in China and at the Hong Kong University and the City University of Hong Kong.

SGS Group

Center for Disease Control of China (PRC)

The University of Hong Kong

The City University of Hong Kong

Media coverage