WhyMe Distribution



Portable and cordless clean air without compromised performance to meet your needs wherever you go. 


A desktop native air sanitiser with a new form factor for your home, office or bedroom.


A mobile and compact air sanitiser for general residences and offices.

BVB-AH series case studies

Care home

Sin Tin Toa Home for The Aged

BVB-AH units were installed in the 1400sq.m building over a period of 2 years:-

  • Infection rate reduced by 60% during the peak of influenza season
  • No more quarantine measures during the flu season


Kadoorie Estates Limited admin office 

BVB-AH60 units were installed in the 400sq.m office over two floors

“A BIG thank you to the amazing air cleansing technology from the Plascide production team”

All staff enjoy breathing freely in a trusted clean-air office reducing sickness concerns, with noticeable better results in individual and team performance and productivity

“We all now feel safe not to wear masks in the office”
“Group meetings are now all back to normal”